04 May 2007

So I Just Sent an eMail to My Friend Ed...

Because he is a great guy, and I read his blog (as long as he sends me a link on a regular basis, but ya know...) And Ya Know What? He's right! (based on his blog post hehe made) and I used to work with him (as I mention in my bio, I have been in the tech biz for a long time now, but I tell ya what...)

Ed is a REALLY Good Guy. I honestly don't remember that many "techies" that I have either given or found jobs for (in the many companies I have worked for and the decision to employ Ed was certainly not mine solely--they now say the life expectancy for a high-level salesperson is 6 months--really?) who have has the intellectual propriety that Mr. Wolpert constantly displays.

I'll tell you the truth. I was reading a book called "Cleanse and Purify Thyself" a few months prior to my meeting Ed, but I'll tell ya what. Ed changed my life. Hee doesn't know it yet (unless he reads my blog here regularly (which in my opinion you all should!)), but it's the truth. Ed is a cancer survivor (Praise The Lord!). And a HUGE inspiration (for me personally!). There can never be too much goodness in the world, and unfortunately, we don't need to worry about that (these days, anyway). He also changed my life in the following way: he locked in my belief that we have everything we need to be as healthy as we can possibly be right here on this Earth.

Another book I read told me I shouldn't be a great American and support agriculture by buying beef and other meats. Sounds wrong, right? Wrong. (in my personal opinion, based upon further esearch).

Anyway, I became a vegeterian (as if I wasn't already!-and to give you a history, I was a sales-closin', deal-makin', money-generatin' dude). I was a meat-eater, a big-time drinker (well, I guess not much has changed...yet), and a guy who had a mission to create an incredible company by providing incredible value, and a company that could not only reach all of it's economic goals, but also it's social goals. That's a big deal. A big change. And I changed.

Ed didn't know it, but hehe affected me personally, and I appreciate it.

To tell the truth, most everything I changed in my life, and stayed changed ( to THIS DAY ). Honestly, I've eaten meat a few times (drunken Bratwurst or steak chunks), but it's usually after being in the mountains and doing a 14-er that makes me decide to crunch some munch like that.

Anyway Ed, I'd be more than happy to talk more (ya know I AM a marketing guy, after all...) and help you raise some money (I HAVE done it before!)

But I personally expect you (Ed)to live a long and healthy life and teach your beautiful children a great amount of information and wisdon that you have generated and experienced (which, of course, will be well-organized), but if you have a moment, please feel free to give me a ring.

I'm here for ya man. Really. And to all my readers:throw a buck or 2 his way!

Take Care,


PS--If you want to teach your kids about sustainability, please take a look at this business I am involved in (I honestly believe we will change the world!) at http://www.qcimarketing.com , click on the ED (haha) Begley video to learn more, and if earning money for charity is your passion these days, I'll personally make it happen. I have many, many customers already (100+). Really.)

02 May 2007

RBR: Make Money Reading Email

Ever wonder how people make money by spending time online? There's actually a number of ways, but here's one of them: Hits4Pay. It's a cool concept that allows you to make a few bucks by simply reading a few websites. I have no doubt that the advertisers are paying for it, but the fact that you get a cut of it is definitely cool, and since there's no investment required on your part, it works well.

I recommend filling out the form to sign up from the link above (you'll get $10 immediately just by signing up!).

The aspect of the program that appeals most to me is that they have a referral program that allows you to make money when others you refer take a look at the sites too, so you can not only make money by actively surfing the websites, but also passively from your referrals doing the same. Every 2 people you refer that actively surf effectively doubles your income.

When filling out the questionnaire, I recommend selecting all 25 choices, making sure you select the "business opportunity" categories because there are a lot of marketers in that area (and who knows, you could get an idea), and you will maximize your earning potential, as they have more sites to surf and often pay more, so I'm just looking out for you!

Realistically, you could expect to make an extra $500-1000 per year with this program if you refer as few as 20 people that are active, and with no investment, it just makes cents!

10 March 2007

RBR: Winning in the Cash Flow Business: Business Brief

Great name, huh? I think so, especially if I was trying to sell their products.

So what is Winning in the Cash Flow Business? What they are talking about is the "Note Business"--notes being loans. The "cash flows" are the monthly payments being made on the loans. Yep, it's really that simple.

On their infomercial, you hear that it takes three steps to make money in the cash flow business. 1. Find the note. 2. List the note. 3. Make money. Sounds easy, right? I always like making money, but putting "make money" as step three is either overly simplified, or there's something else to it, right?

So how do you make money in the cash flow business? Here's how: You find a note that's for sale (I'll use nice, round, highly profitable numbers that probably aren't realistic). Let's say you run across a note of $100,000 on a piece of property, and the note owner is tired of getting monthly payments and wants a nice big chunk of change ASAP, so you tell them you can help them.

Next, you get all the information about the note: size, terms, interest rate, payment amount, payment history, and as much borrower information you can get. Then you go to their website and list the note for sale, and also approach any number of financiers that are in the business of buying notes as investments (you may have even seen them on TV advertising: Insurance settlement? Lottery winnings? Want a big lump sum today?). They're out there.

Once you have someone showing interest on the note you purchased, they will make you an offer. For example, your $100,000 secured real estate note gets an offer of $85,000 (probably high). You can then go back to the note owner and offer them $75,000 for their note (or more or less depending on your take on the situation). If he accepts, you make a $10,000 profit. You never have to invest your own capital into the transaction (other than markeitng and ofice supplies and expenses)

Those are the basics of the business. Because this is a fairly simple business, I won't be spending as much time analyzing this one, but this will be a multi-post series, so stay tuned!